Bathroom Design 2013

Bathroom Design 2013

Need some bathroom design tips for your new renovation?

Want to be at the forefront of bathroom and ensuite design?


Well the best place to start is creating a workable foundation. Renovating or building any room from the ground up is a sizable investment, so you want to make sure what you choose (fixtures, fittings, colours and layout etc) is still relevant for years to come.

In 2013, bathroom design is leaning towards more natural colour schemes and pattern use.  The bold and bright mosaic tile features and colour pop paint finishes are becoming a thing of the past. This really lines up with our philosophy to keep your tones neutral and add personality and flair with accessories. This way you can give your room a face lift without breaking the bank!

On the flip side -

Looking at creating a decadent space, your own private getaway? Well Grohe specialise in bathroom transformations,  think ” Home Spa ” !

In conjunction with quality boutique fittings, Moorabbin Cabinets can design space saving cabinetry that will compliment your new private getaway perfectly!


A word from the bathroom design professionals:

To ensure your walk-in shower is not only an attractive addition to your bathroom but one that delivers unrivaled showering pleasure, choose from our collection of shower heads, thermostatic shower mixers and shower systems.

Walk-in Showers –
The latest Bathroom Design Trend

Grohtherm F Triple Volume Control Trim

The contemporary bathroom is a space for relaxation – a personal haven where capacious shower areas take center stage. For a modern, architectural look choose a large floor-level shower tray and pair it with a frameless glass screen (head over to Somerville Glass and Glazing for all your shower screen needs). Or, recreate the look and feel of a luxury spa by replacing the shower tray with a tiled floor that converges into a central waste, to seamlessly integrate the shower area into the rest of your bathroom.Whatever style you eventually decide on, it’s your choice of shower fittings or shower system that will make all the difference to your daily ritual.

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Seen enough to know you want to update your current plain jane bathroom? Get in touch with us to find out more about how to make your dream a reality!


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