How to Plan the Perfect Kitchen (Part 2)

How to Plan the Perfect Kitchen (Part 2)

Did you read How to Plan the Perfect Kitchen (Part 1) and get the thirst for more renovation tips?

Still tearing your hair out over planning your new kitchen?

Well you’ve come to the right place!

Storage and Organisation – Two of the most important elements to consider.

Items that you use on a daily basis should be stored in the top two drawers in base cabinets or on the bottom shelf in overheads.  Are the items that you use daily, such as your coffee mugs and cutlery, easy to reach? Simply by storing kitchen items in the area where they are to be used can significantly reduce the traffic in the kitchen and wasted time.

“Where the heck is the good salad bowl Jeff???”








Sound familiar?! Most of you I’m sure can relate, and have spent countless afternoons re-organising the dreaded Tupperware cupboard because you have lost yet another lid, and in your search, have completely emptied the cupboard littering the bench with a collection of containers and jars you forgot you even had. All because there is no semblance of order in your cupboards.

Have a place for everything and everything in its place.

These days cabinet hardware and inserts optimise the wasted space (“dead corner”) and allow you to utilise even more space. Head over to the Hafele website for more ideas on how to tackle this issue.

Drawers in base cupboards are becoming increasingly popular in modern kitchen design. They help to create a more ergonomic flow in your kitchen, eliminating excessive bending and straining, and of course, provide more space.

Internal drawer organisation is very important. You have gone to the trouble of designing a beautiful kitchen with a efficient workflow, with all your items located in close proximity to their use area, but you have to dig through your utensils drawer because you can’t see your vegetable peeler through all the clutter. Not to mention rummaging through a utensil drawer containing sharp knifes is not the safest option. Consider using a drawer insert from Lincoln Sentry to tidy up the mayhem.

Hopefully this series “How to Plan the Perfect Kitchen” has given you a starting point for getting your kitchen off the ground.

If you have any questions on our first series, or would like to request a topic for our next blog, get in touch with us here.

Stay tuned for more tips and trends in the home renovations field.

Happy Planning! MC

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