How to Plan the Perfect Kitchen (Part 3)

How to Plan the Perfect Kitchen (Part 3)

Welcome to Part 3 in our series How to Plan the Perfect Kitchen !

Are you asking yourself: “Where do I begin?” when it comes to choosing colours and finishes for your new perfectly planned kitchen?

This is a question that every home renovator asks themselves, and it can be overwhelming.

Obviously everyone has different taste, and things that might be on trend right now will be dated before you know it, so you have to think carefully before taking the plunge and splurging on an overpowering feature item like this doozy:



I’m sure at some point the timber door motif was “hot”, but today; it’s in serious need of an update. This would require a massive overhaul and involve starting from scratch again. You don’t want to be living in your beautiful new home, and wake up one morning to your red and gold tiles and say “WHAT WAS I THINKING?!”


How do I avoid suffering from the dreaded “Renovation Regret” ?


Simple. Use clean lines and basic colouring for your base, and create your accents using decorative door ware, personalised or signature decor and novelty kitchen appliances. These things are much less expensive to update when you get tired of your current look.

Invest where it’s best

Splurge on stone bench tops; their value will never be lost.

Stone tops are a show piece; an understated statement. Head over to Rococo Stoneworks and check out what’s happening in the world of stone!


Do you still have questions on what finishes to use in your new perfectly planned kitchen? Well drop us a line or come down for a coffee, we would be more than happy to help!

Cheers! MC


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